• The new smartphone address book. Welcome to future

    Forget about maintaining your contacts. Do what you love.

    You deserve it. And it's for free.

    The only Self - Synchronizing Address book app.

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  • Access everywhere

    If you lose your phone, you can start right where you were from a new one. And MySchnipps web app will soon be ready for desktop use.

    So you’ll have your personal data cloud everywhere, anytime..

  • 100% privacy - 100% security

    Everything you have in your MySchnipps profile is using end to end user encryption, so whatever is stored on our servers is 100% private and not even Schnipps staff can look into that. (only if you add us as your contacts).

    MySchnipps is the best address book app for iOS and android. It's the future of address book - with great security and full control of your personal data.

A new way to manage your contacts

The well known address book systems are obsolete with MySchnipps technology. Instead of manually adding your contacts in your address book, let them maintain their data in your contacts list. MySchnipps is the best address book app for iOS and android.

Incredibly simple

You only edit your own data and invite your contacts. That’s it. When they join MySchnipps, your address book list will get bigger and bigger without you having to manually add each contact and his personal details - which may be outdated info, by the way .

Always up to date

All your contacts info are always up to date just for a simple reason: they put their personal details in your cloud. So when a contact changes his phone number, the new one will appear in your address book without any other actions.

Pretty cool, huh?

Full control of your data

You chose what details are shared with each of your contacts.(phone number, home address etc). And if you delete a contact, all your data will disappear from his address book.

Bring your contacts list to life

In a new, innovative way that works for you. Every time.

4 easy steps to improve your life.
1 sign up and edit your personal details
2 invite your contacts to join your new address book
3 select what data to share with each of your contacts
4 revoke or give access to each data field at any moment.

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